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Family Survival Course any good?
I just watched a 6/7 minute video on the book Family Survival Course (from their website) by Jason Richards. The reasoning in the video seems to be full of paradoxical logic (self-defeating). What stands out most in my mind is that he claims a financial collapse and then claims a way to find cheap, nurishing food??? He claims it's a prediction made by someone who's made these types of predictions before but I didn't hear him cite the name of the individual who made the prediction. He claims gas is going to go up by 3000% but offers ways to save money when all of our foreign investors have made our currency value into zilch. I'm a little resistant to purchase this. It seems it would be full of misleading information. He claims to be one of the foremost experts in survivalist training. I understand that survivalists usually LOVE to stay off-grid. In fact you'll probably never hear of them even though you may have 1 in your own community. The problem I can't understand is how an Amish (religious group in America known for their desire to stay off the grid. They have no electricity, no computers, nothing) iridologist can't keep his name off the Internet but the worlds leading survivalist is nowhere to be found. Can someone give me a review of this WONDERFUL BOOK :) LOL


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    Most of these kind of books aren't designed so much to help you as they are to enrich the author. I have not read this book and probably will not be buying it. Chances are I'm already aware of 99% of what it will talk about in the first place.

    There was a similar video last year by an economist warning about at least half of the things this one is and that it was all going to happen in 2012. This year is almost over now and it didn't happen. An economic collapse always remains a possibility but it usually takes longer than most predict. These videos are made in a way to suggest it will be tomorrow so you had better buy their book today.

    Considering the $40 price tag I'd rather go to my local MFA and get three one hundred pounds sacks of oats than spend it on this book.

    While I do not wish to downplay the possibility of an economic collapse or the possible dangers involved in such a thing I do want to downplay this guy who is really only trying to make a quick buck. He claims to feel he should warn people but he could do that for free if he wanted without it costing him a cent. This book is much more about making him a living than helping protect you. Chances are there will be links to buy stuff that he's directly affiliated with and so he can make even more money off you by saying you need to buy this….

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